Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Things sure did get pretty shaken up after my holiday party. I still have a half written post and some photos, but that will have to wait.

The past few weeks have been nutty - the storm brought flooding to my apartment, then more storms brought more flooding, so I exiled myself to my aunt's house in Kirkland, where alas I had no wireless internet, nor the desire to brave the weather in an attempt to find a cafe with internet purely so I could post to my blog. I went through some withdrawals, but mostly I knitted and enjoyed my family and shopped and shopped.

Christmas was great. My sister gave me fur, to which I shrieked, "Are you trying to get me sprayed with red paint?" before wrapping the rabbit puff balls around my neck and falling into a luxury-induced coma. Mmmm, furrrrrr. Thanks Bugs. Thumper, you're the best.

New Year Eve was okay. Yesterday was better. A whole bottle of champagne to myself? Yummm. Okay, so it was two bottles. Just don't tell anyone.

Audrey has been in Denver with her dad and his consort braving the storms down there. When I spoke to her today, she was morning the melting of her bestest snowman, so I suppose they'll be able to fly out of there okay, which is definitely a good thing.

Let's see, what else....oh yeah. I decided to take advantage of that free annual credit report thing, and all over again I want to urdermay the Swine. Folks, why didn't I do a better job separating our credit after the divorce? I was so not even paying attention to so many things I should have been paying attention to. So yeah, he's pretty much screwed me on a great many fronts. Objection! Operation Get Swine's Financial Ass Out of Mine is in high gear. GOOD LORD do I hate credit. Apparently his damage will be undone oh in about two thousand freaking thirteen. Shoot me now! I am going to be old, blind and incontinent before I can even think about getting a house. Add it to the list people. Add it to the list.